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Retail HACCP

Retail HACCP is quite different from Processor (or Traditional) HACCP. It’s often referred to as Street or Recipe HACCP. The ESI System includes the development of a Management Manual that includes the flow charts, ingredient and support information required by regulatory officials and by corporate chefs and R & D personnel. The Management Manual enables menu planners to add items to existing haccp plans. The rubber meets the road in the kitchen, though. That’s where traditional haccp systems often fail. ESI Retail HACCP is transparent at the kitchen level. We build the controls, CCPs and monitoring into recipes and existing SOPs. Staff members who follow the recipes and General or Kitchen Managers who require staff members to follow SOPs will be operating haccp-compliant facilities in record time. Maintaining the Retail haccp system is simply facility-level management.

ESI includes orientation for menu planners so new items can be added quickly when they fall into one of the process systems included in the Management Manual.

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