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Emergency Response

The time to prepare for a crisis is before it occurs; but, that's not always possible or practical. And often, even the best prepared firms need expert assistance to execute an effective Emergency Response.
ESI is the name to remember when a crisis occurs. ESI's First Responders include Public Relations experts, microbiologists, food technologists, food security investigators, and regulatory affairs specialists. ESI First Responders will guide your team through the public relations maze in the event foodborne illness outbreak or regulatory action is publicized. ESI has the expertise to provide the necessary guidance to bring your facility and/or product into compliance while containing the event to minimize negative fallout.
Recent Emergency Response Activities:
Release of embargoed products in Food and Chemical Warehouses.
Prepare and administer reconditioning plans.
Intercession between industry clients and regulatory agencies.
Work with insurance companies for fair and equitable claim resolution.
Pest elimination oversight during incidences of infestation.
Consultation with legal teams to defend allegations of food contamination which result in foodborne illnesses.
Routine TraceBack Investigations of allegations which link your product to consumer discomfort and illness.
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