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Import and Export Trade Services

ESI Qual offers assistance if shipments are placed under detention or embargo by United States Regulatory Agencies by providing these services:

US Agent Registration for Exporters to the United States
Sampling Plans
Reconditioning Plans
Legal Representation
Intercession with Regulatory Agencies
US Manufacturers and Processors Expand your markets. ESI can help you through the steps necessary for compliance with us Export regulations, European and Asian Import Regulations
US Registration
ESI Qual provides manufacturers and processors with registration services to comply with the FDA anti-terrorism and bio-terrorism regulations. Note that FDA registration is free. ESI Qual fees are necessary for the maintenance of a United States address and contact agent which FDA requires. Low registration rates.

Affiliate Office Designation is available for qualified Brokers, Sales Agents and Consultants.

HACCP Certification
ESI Qual provides manufacturers with HACCP Systems which are compliant with FDA and USDA Regulations.

ESI Qual will validate existing HACCP Systems to establish the plan is in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

ESI Qual provides assistance to food processors importing to the United States in order to ensure products meet all United States regulations, including ingredient, packaging and labeling specifications.

ESI Qual expedites the release of products detained or placed under embargo by Regulatory Authorities by designing required sampling or reconditioning plans. Working on the importer's or manufacturer's behalf, ESI Qual ensures that products re-enter trade channels with the least amount of difficulty and cost. When necessary, we oversee return or destruction of embargoed products, ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient means are used.

As recognized quality experts, ESI Qual provides certification that U.S. goods meet the specifications of foreign buyers and that U.S. manufacturers employ adequate quality procedures.

ESI Qual will customize any program. Our services range from location audits to the development of complete quality assurance programs. We can develop, administer or supplement quality systems.

Call us today to find out how our services can fill your needs.
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