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Vendor Qualification Audits

The ESI Qual vendor qualification and ingredient certification program is a systematic approach to raise the quality level of ingredients by assuring that product quality meets certain specific criteria.

Quality defects have hidden costs. If even minor quality defects are accepted, there is no doubt the end product will suffer. This program is designed to:

Maintain quality standards
Provide a fair and systematic method to choose between suppliers
Encourage supplier responsibility
Hold supplier financially accountable
Be a workable, flexible management tool
Establish uniform acceptable incoming quality level (AQL)
Assure incoming AQL expectations are met when product is received
Assure AQL is met consistently, as a routine practice throughout the system by verifying it at the manufacturer level through ingredient specifications

The ESI Qual vendor qualification/ingredient certification plan:
Tells suppliers exactly what is required, and that substandard products will not be accepted
Confirms suppliers are able to provide what they say they will
Validates the plan is working with systematic product examination
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